Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis

HAUNTED HOTELS with Sam Baltrusis launches on Thursday, July 29th. Author Joni Mayhan chats about Concord’s Colonial Inn and gives pointers for those who dare to visit haunted hotels. https://open.spotify.com/show/3jqQWqGaLI6Scs5tjySzgr

New episodes every Thursday at 11 am PST here: https://hauntedhotels.podbean.com/

LISTEN HERE: https://open.spotify.com/show/3jqQWqGaLI6Scs5tjySzgr

My name is Sam Baltrusis and I’m the author of thirteen historical-based ghost books including “Haunted Hotels of New England.” At night, I’ve worked the graveyard shift at some of the most haunted hotels in the Boston area. In fact, I had one terrifying encounter in Salem that continues to haunt my dreams. Phantom footsteps echoing from empty halls. Lights flickering on and off. Doors mysteriously opening and closing by themselves. From the Stanley Hotel in Colorado to the Omni Parker House in Massachusetts, let’s take a haunted road trip to some of the most terrifying overnight haunts in the country. This is Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis. Join me … if you dare,

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