Related to Evil

Pre-order “Related to Evil” by author Sam Baltrusis. LIMITED RUN OF 1,000 on Oct, 1, 2022.

“Fright Club” features author Sam Baltrusis

“Fright Club” with Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers features author Sam Baltrusis in three episodes. He’s featured in an episode called “Ghosts Gone Wild” (S1 Ep7), “Ghostin’ for the Gold” (S2 Ep4) and “Ghost Streakers” (S2 Ep10) on Travel Channel and Discovery+.

The Curse of Lizzie Borden

The Curse of Lizzie Borden’ with Sam Baltrusis and Dave Schrader will explore the #paranormal darkness behind Lizzie Borden that no one has ever seen.

“Haunted Hotels of New England” by Sam Baltrusis

Author Sam Baltrusis unleashed his latest book, “Haunted Hotels of New England,” on July 28, 2020. Purchase on Amazon. Phantom footsteps echoing from empty rooms. Lights mysteriously turning on and off. Doors opening and closing by themselves. Sam Baltrusis, author of a dozen books including “Ghosts of Salem” and a featured expert on the Travel…

Upcoming Events

Sam Baltrusis, author of “Ghosts of Salem,” is speaking at a venue near you.

TV Appearances

Sam Baltrusis is featured on several national TV shows including the Travel Channel’s “A Haunting,” “Most Terrifying Places,” “Haunted Towns,” “Paranormal Night Shift” & “Forbidden History”